When was the Kancamagus Highway Built?

When was the Kancamagus Highway built? The Kancamagus Highway, officially named the “Kancamagus Scenic Byway” was built in August 1959. It connected the towns of Lincoln, NH and Conway NH. Both of which had roads in the area but the Kancamagus Highway linked the towns together. But the Kanc wasn’t as it is today by any means. The Kancamagus was a dirt road back then and somewhat dangerous to drive. The state of NH and the White Mountain National Forest quickly realized this scenic are was going to be more popular than expected and in 1964 it was paved to make it safer for tourists. Soon after it was paved it became obvious that even the Winter months there was a demand to travel the Kancamagus, either for commuting or for leisure. The Kancamagus was then requested to be plowed starting in the winter of 1966. Today the Kanc is as maintained as any other road in New Hampshire, even in the winter months. Keep in mind that the conditions on the Kanc can be much different, and the scenic areas are normally not plowed in the winter, but you can travel from Lincoln to Conway, or vise-versa, in the winter to this day with the exception of any hazardous closures. Its also worth noting that Bear Notch Road that connects the Kancamagus (Rt. 112) to Rt. 302 remains closed in the winter.

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Tim from Meredith NH.

I just really appreciate driving the Kancamagus Highway! It’s a wonderful attraction for all to enjoy and in years to come!

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