Is there Cell Phone Reception on the Kancamagus?

Is there cell phone service on the Kancamagus? The short answer is no, but…

These days we all want to stay connected, but in reality some of us don’t. We want to be disconnected from the crazy world we live in, we want to be able to tell people “we won’t have cell service while we’re away”. I know at first your thinking “are you crazy??” – but think about it for just a minute…  Wouldn’t it be nice to just disconnect and reset? Your days of worrying about your “Streaks” on SnapChat, worrying about your boss needing you, worrying about your friends texting you… These are all worries. Worries are what we want to leave behind sometimes. The Kancamagus is a worry-free region. Your new worries will become “do we need more firewood?” and “what are we cooking for dinner” -does this sound like the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, or a part of the 80’s? This is why we get away! Sorry teens, your addiction to your cell phone is ending at the Kanc! As terrible as it sounds, after a day or two you will be amazed how you adapt to living without a cell phone. Be mad at your parent all you want, someday you will look back at your Kancamagus experience and be thankful. I hear you still scoffing at this post. Come back in ten years and comment about your memories of the Kanc. This may be your last and only chance to be free from those so called “worries”. I have to admit I have SnapChat streaks also, but if needed I would have someone else login to SC and do them for me.

You will survive, and you will (someday) appreciate the disconnect.

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Car breakdown waited hours for help.. need cell service for emergencies


What about when we go camping without our kids. What if they have an emergency and need to contact us?


It’s a bit intimidating to bike this road given the lack of cell reception but done it three times (twice as part of a much longer ride) and been lucky so far. Friends and wife worried because they also lost my signal from my Garmin so they couldn’t track me or see where I was or how I was doing. But am experienced and ready for these things. So far. Great place to bike in the fall.

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