Preparing for your Kancamagus Road Trip

Kancamagus no gas for 32 miles sign

The Kancamagus Scenic Byway is a beautiful natural attraction located in the White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire. The scenic beauty has been preserved for many years by protecting the forest land from being developed. While this is what makes your Kancamagus experience so amazing, it can also make some people somewhat ill-prepared for their journey.

These days we are all used to having, at the very minimum, our basic needs being met by local businesses, and having them available when and where we need them.

Your Kancamagus road trip will require you to be somewhat prepared. No this is not a completely desolate place but its good to be aware of some basic things before you head get onto the Kanc.

Once you are on the Kancamagus there are no gas stations in a 32 mile stretch. There are gas stations on both ends of the Kancamagus, in Lincoln NH and Conway NH.

There are no restaurants in this section of the Kancamagus Highway either, but again, there are restaurants on both ends of the Kancamagus in Lincoln NH and Conway NH.

While we focused on gas stations and restaurants as those are the most common businesses people are looking for on their Kancamagus road trip, the same actually goes for all business. In this 32 mile stretch there are no businesses along the Kancamagus Highway.

These days many vehicles get decent gas mileage, but its best to be sure you have enough fuel to make the 32 mile trip.

If you plan on visiting a restaurant or are looking for hotels or places to shop it is best to plan on visiting both sides of the Kancamagus. Many will get gas before they start the Kancamagus Highway journey and when they reach the other side they will stop at a restaurant and do some shopping, then get back on the Kancamagus and see the scenic byway in the other direction, which offers a different perspective of the beautiful views the Kanc has to offer.

In order to prepare correctly, it is best to know how long the road trip on the Kancamagus will take.

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