Lower Falls: Kancamagus Waterfalls and Swimming Holes

Lower Falls on the Kancamagus Highway is one of the most popular stops on the Kanc, especially during hot summer weather as many people swim here once the current of the Swift River calms down and the water temperature rises in the early summer.

Lower Falls offers a picnic area with a few outside grills and picnic tables. Bathrooms are located near the parking area.

Lower Falls recreation area was recently updated and provides better access for everyone, especially those with disabilities.

Caution: If the water is high and/or rushing through this area, please do not swim at Lower Falls as it can be extremely dangerous.

Parking area GPS coordinates are: N44° 00.954 | W071° 14.740

(elevation – 948′)

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Mary Tarr

Love it there!

Nancy A Foster

My husband and I go to the lower falls whenever we are in the North Conway area, we love it.


I just wanted to warn everyone that my daughter got stuck in the current up the river and went down the waterfall yesterday. It was the scariest thing I have ever witnessed. She drifted for a while, grabbed onto rocks but the current was to strong, went under water a bunch. Luckily she only has bruises and we are emotionally not well. It was one of those situations where she sat on a tube up the river and before I could say no, she was off and I couldn’t get to her. She fell off the tube. Several people tried to help. The people at the bottom grabbed her. The bottom of the falls isn’t bad current wise and I do not think anyone should go in the river above the falls.

Janice Packard

I am so sorry! The same thing happened to my son today! The scariest time of our lives!


Thank you for posting

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