Fall Foliage on Kancamagus Highway: Peak Fall Foliage

Fall Foliage season at the Kancamagus Highway is by far one of the best times to visit the Kancamagus. Most people come to the Kancamagus Highway during the foliage season to see the bright colored leaves. The crisp fall air and the smell of the sun warming up the changing leaves is something you will remember for the rest of your life, it will always take you back to the memories of being at the Kanc.

When do the leaves change color along the Kancamagus Highway?
The leaves on the Kancamagus Highway normally start to change color around the middle of September. Peak fall foliage can be seen in the first two weeks of October. Normally, by the third to fourth week of October, the color of the leaves start turning brownish as the foliage season heads past peak in this region of New Hampshire.

Peak Fall Foliage season on the Kancamagus Highway can vary from above. The weather plays the most important role in determining the exact times the foliage will change colors, and when the leaves reach the brightest colors, known as “Peak Fall Foliage”.

The Fall foliage in New Hampshire normally changes from North & West to South and East. Almost the entire 2 months of September and October there is peak fall Foliage in one place or another in the Granite State.

The great part of leaf peeping is the fact that it is beautiful to see the leaves in any weather, so don’t let a poor weather day keep you from seeing the Fall foliage at the Kancamagus Highway. The best weather of course is a nice sunny, dry, warm day right after a recent rainfall.

If you are visiting the Kancamagus Highway from far away it is always best to give yourself a few days here in New Hampshire to be sure you get to see the Fall foliage during nice weather on the Kancamagus.


Current Fall Foliage Conditions

Fall foliage conditions on the Kancamagus and in New Hampshire can vary dramatically even just driving a few miles. We put together a few resources for ways to see what stage the NH fall foliage is at and where you might find peak foliage colors. Check the two links below for current conditions:

Fall Foliage Webcams

Our FaceBook Group

Also check the bottom of this page to see if anyone posted their fall foliage photos here.

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