Rocky Gorge: Kancamagus Scenic Waterfalls

Rocky Gorge is a powerful narrow gorge where water is almost always rushing through, even during droughts. Carved by glaciers, you will find Rocky Gorge a breathtaking scenic area. Rocky Gorge offers a 10′ drop and rapids through the gorge.

Getting to Rocky Gorge is simple and accessible to those with disabilities.

From the parking lot, it is a short and easy walk along the Swift River that takes you over a over a foot bridge across the Swift River. You can stand directly above the gorge for viewing and photos. Be sure to read the interesting informational postings here about how Rocky Gorge was formed.

Be sure to continue on the path after viewing Rocky Gorge for yet an entirely different experience. Just up the trail from the footbridge is Falls pond. Falls Pond is a picturesque pond surrounded by the dense White Mountain National Forest. There is a nice viewing area there. This part of the path is not as well maintained at the time of the posting. Anyone with disabilities may have a hard time getting to this area.

Note: Swimming is not allowed at Rocky Gorge. Picnic area and bathrooms located near parking area.

Parking area GPS coordinates are: N44° 00.127 | W071° 16.656

(elevation – 1145′)

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