How to Pronounce Kancamagus: Correct Way to Say Kancamagus

How to pronounce Kancamagus: confused woman

So how do you pronounce Kancamagus?


This has been an ongoing debate for many years but if you look at the word closely, letter by letter while reading it you will see it really is pronounced the way it looks with the exception of the a’s. The first a is pronounced as a but the other two a’s sound like “ah”.


Many people try to put a second “n” in the word and say “Kanc-ah-mangas”. This is the most common mistake when pronouncing Kancamagus. Also, these same people tend to spell it wrong as well, again adding that second “n” in the word.


Then there are those who add an extra “g” in the word, and the extra “n” and say “Kang-ah-mangus.”


The correct way to pronounce Kancamagus is Kanc-ah-mah-gus”


If you still have trouble its ok, you will get through this! Here is the best work-around for having to say Kancamagus correctly. Locals call it “The Kanc” – but anyone can call it The Kanc and get away with it. Using “The Kanc” will make you sound like you’ve been here your whole life. Fair warning though, there are some that don’t know what “The Kanc” is, even some locals, so you may still want to brush up on your pronunciation of Kancamagus.


Another idea to remember how to pronounce Kancamagus is to associate the different parts of the word. Below is just an example but you’ll get the point.

Kanc (remember “The Kanc” that locals use)

ah (ah, im finally relaxing on the Kanc)

ma (your mom)

gus (some guy named Gus)


If you’re still not pronouncing Kancamagus correctly, don’t worry you’re in good company. There are many more of you than those that know how to pronounce it correctly. Honestly when we hear someone pronounce it correctly it’s a bit shocking and we never correct anyone unless they clearly want to be corrected.

The last time we heard it pronounced correctly was by an employee at the Saco Ranger Station in 2013. We will update here the next time we hear it pronounced correctly…

September 2020 update: enter cricket chirping noise here.


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Of course, since it is based on a Native name, it isn’t surprising that the sound has changed or been corrupted. Even those that pronounce the vowels correctly (and omit the ‘g’) still give different pronunciations based on how the syllables are emphasized.
KAN cah mah gus, KAN cah MAH gus, Kan cah MAH gus, or even Kan CAH mah gus. (I have yet to hear Kan cah mah GUS…)


You should link a recording of somebody pronouncing it properly to this page.

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