Finding Moose on the Kancamagus Highway

Finding moose on the Kancamagus Highway is all about timing. Moose tend to be out more at certain times of the day and night and in certain seasons. We are asked the question of when is the best time to see moose on the Kancamagus highway quite often.

Many people drive the Kancamagus assuming they will see a moose during their road trip. The fact is that the chances of seeing a moose on the Kancamagus Highway isn’t a good as you might think. Yes, this is moose country but again, its all about the timing.

Crowds of people on the Kancamagus during the weekends and fall foliage season creates quite the commotion, which tends to keep wildlife away from the highway. But while driving on the Kancamagus you should always stay aware of the fact that the chances of a moose being on the road is still higher than most other places. This is the White Mountain National Forest so there are more moose here.

The best times of the day to see a moose is around sunrise and sunset. If you’re headed to the Kancamagus for the sole reason of seeing a moose then you have to be somewhat dedicated to the journey.

In the morning, plan to be on the Kancamagus about an hour or two prior to sunrise and plan to stay there until an hour or two after sunrise.

In the evening, plan to be on the Kancamagus two hours prior to sunset and plan to stay there two hours after sunset.

The best time of the year to see moose on the Kancamagus is fall, the problem with that is the Kancamagus draws a huge crowd of leaf peepers in the fall. The first two weeks of October is the busiest so if at all possible you may want to avoid that block of time. September and October is Moose Rut season. Rut season is when moose are mating and that brings the moose out of their normal area as they venture out for mating.

If you are hiking near the Kancamagus you may see moose out in the woods, this is also hit or miss.

There are also a few areas north of the Kancamagus Highway that have higher chances of seeing moose. The most popular being Moose Alley in Pittsburg NH. A trip to Moose Alley would require much more driving time for anyone south of the Kancamagus Scenic Byway.

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