Kancamagus Highway Directions & GPS Location

The Kancamagus Highway can be easily accessed from I-93 in Lincoln NH or NH Rt. 16 from Conway NH.

Map of the Kancamagus Highway

From I-93 in Lincoln, NH
Take NH Rt. 93 to exit 32 (RT. 112 Lincoln – follow signs for Kancamagus Highway) Rt. 112 is the Kancamagus Highway. At the end of the exit ramp take a left onto RT.112. Rt. 112 will take you to the scenic part (The Kancamagus. Hwy).


GPS Location: N44.051356 | W71.657808



From Rt. 16 in Conway, NH

Take Rt. 16 into Conway, NH. follow Rt. 16 until you see the sign for the Kancamagus Highway. There is a set of lights at the intersection of the Kancamagus Highway and Rt. 16.


GPS Location: N43.979464 | W71.134600


Once you’re on the Kancamagus Highway, there are very few side streets. The highway runs within the towns of Conway NH, Albany NH, Waterville Valley NH, Livermore NH and Lincoln NH.

Map of the Kancamagus Highway

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