Kancamagus Highway Hiking Trails NH

There are many hiking trails along the Kancamagus Highway in New Hampshire. Below are details about the most common hiking trails that lead from the Kancamagus Highway. The trails are arranged from East to West. Included are photos and GPS locations for each trail head parking area. The Kancamagus Highway Map also has the trails and parking areas shown. Some of these hiking trails are also used for Cross Country Skiing Trails in the Winter.


IMPORTANT: Hiking can be dangerous! Weather can change instantly, be sure you are properly prepared before heading out and are wearing sturdy footwear made for hiking with good soles. The ten essentials of hiking are a map, compass, warm clothing, matches, first aid kit, whistle, rain gear, flashlight, pocket knife, extra food and water (with a way to purify water, never assume water is safe for drinking).



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It would be very helpful if these hiking trails all listed their mileage, time length, and perhaps a link to some other site that shows the trail in better detail.

Sherry M. Alexander

When do you expect the peek of the fall foliage this year, 2021?


What is the best trail for hiking with children?


Which of these trails are best for backcountry Camping with a dog? I’m having a hard time finding what trails are camp-able. We’re not trying to hike more than 3+ miles with our gear

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