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Kancamagus Highway Hiking Trails

There are many hiking trails along the Kancamagus Highway in New Hampshire. Below are details about the most common hiking trails that lead from the Kancamagus Highway. The trails are arranged from East to West. Included are photos and GPS locations for each trail head parking area. The Kancamagus Highway Map also has the trails and parking areas shown. Some of these hiking trails are also used for Cross Country Skiing Trails in the Winter.

IMPORTANT: Hiking can be dangerous! Weather can change instantly, be sure you are properly prepared before heading out. The ten essentials of hiking are a map, compass, warm clothing, matches, first aid kit, whistle, rain gear, flashlight, pocket knife, extra food and water (with a way to purify water as it is not safe for drinking).

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Moat Mountain Trail
Moat Mountain hiking trail heads in a straight Northwest direction from the Kancamagus Highway and heads to Red Ridge where it turns North and connects to the Red Ridge Trail. The trail also connects to Attitash Trail. Also along the way is North Moat Mountain. Moat Mountain Trail parking is located on the East side of the Kancamagus Highway. Trailhead GPS Coordinates are: N43
° 59.596 | W071° 10.999 (elevation - 539')


Boulder Loop Trail

The Boulder Loop hiking trail can be found on the East side of the Kancamagus Highway. As its name suggests, the Boulder Loop Trail makes a circle shaped loop in the area of many large boulders and returns you back to the starting point either way you decide to take the trail. The Boulder Loop Trail parking is located at the Albany Covered Bridge Parking Lot. The Trailhead GPS Coordinates are: N44° 00.291 | W071° 14.472



Rail and River Trail

The Rail and River Trail is a 1/2 mile interpretive trail that takes you back in time through the history of the area. How did Jigger Johnson Campground get it's name? The signs on the trail will tell you! This trail is considered to be a  handicapped accessible trail with its wide crushed stone path and wooden bridges. The trail is located behind the Russell Colbath Historic Site. Parking is also shared with the historic site.



Champney Brook Trail & Bolles Trail

The Champney Brook hiking trail is a trail that connects to Middle Sister Trail which takes you over Three Sisters and Blue Mountain. It also connects to Piper Trail which takes you to the base of Mt. Chocorua and heads South. Bolles Trail quickly splits from the Champney Brook Trail and connects to Champney Brook Trail which completes the Champney Falls Loop. Read More About Champney Falls. The parking lot for these trails are located on the East end of the Kancamagus Highway. The GPS Coordinates for the parking area are: N43° 59.398 | W071° 17.950 (elevation - 1,285')





Oliverian Brook Trail
The Oliverian Brook hiking trail heads straight South from the parking area towards Passaconaway Cutoff which is located 1.9 miles from the parking lot. Paugus Pass is 4.4 miles from the parking lot. Passaconaway Cutoff takes you close to the base of Mt. Passaconaway. Oliverian Brook Trailhead GPS coordinates are: N43° 59.642 | W071° 21.025 (elevation - 1,248')


Sawyer Pond Trail

The Sawyer Pond hiking trail heads North from the Kancamagus Highway parking area near Passaconaway Historic Site and Passaconaway Campground. The trail connects to Brunel Trail 1.1 miles from the parking area, then passes Birch Hill. Sawyer pond can be found 4.5 miles North from the parking area. The trail then turns to the West onto Sawyer River Trail which connects to Hancock Notch Trail. If you follow Sawyer River Trail West, then to the South, it will being you back to the Kancamagus Highway just East of Lily Pond. Sawyer Pond Trailhead parking lot GPS coordinates are: N43° 59.970 | W071° 21.272 (elevation - 1,182')


Downes Brook Trail, UNH Trail and Mt. Potash Trail

The Downes Brook trail, UNH trail and the Mt. Potash hiking trails all head South from the Kancamagus Highway parking area across from the Passaconaway Historic Site and Passaconaway Campground. The Downes Brook trail heads towards the West side of Mt. Passaconaway. The UNH Trail Loop is a 4.8 mile trail that returns to the parking lot. The Mt. Potash trail takes you to the 2,870' Potash Mountain. Also included is the Kate Sleeper trail, 5.2 mile from the parking area and the Oliverian-Downes Brook cross country skiing trail. Trail parking lot GPS coordinates are: N43° 59.652 | W071° 22.159 (elevation - 1,215')



Sabbaday Brook Trail

The Sabbaday Brook Trail is one of the busiest trails along the Kancamagus Highway due to the easily accessed Sabbaday Falls. At this location there is a bathroom and picnic areas as well as educational postings about Sabbaday Falls. Sabbaday Brook Trail passes Sabbaday Falls and continues South to Mt. Tripyramid Trail and the 4,110' summit of Mt. Tripyramid. Trailhead GPS coordinates are: N43° 59.838 | W071° 23.568 (elevation - 1,343').

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