Is Bear Notch Road Open? Bear Notch Rd in Bartlett NH

There is a lot of confusion recently about the opening of Bear Notch Rd in Bartlett NH, when its open, and when it is closed. In short, the town of Bartlett NH closes Bear Notch Road when its snow covered as it is not maintained in the winter. Bear Notch Rd is then used as a snowmobile trail. The road is gated and locked at both ends.

Bear Notch Rd connects US Route 302 and NH Route 112 (the Kancamagus Highway).

As far as the confusion about whether or not Bear Notch Rd is open or closed mostly comes from someone who searches “is Bear Notch Rd open” or “is Bear Notch Rd closed? The previewed text on the search results may show a joke that was posted on the Bartlett NH police department FaceBook page as an April Fool’s joke in 2019 stating the road is now open year-round and made into a 4 lane highway. If you don’t click on it and view the entire post it would appear Bear Notch Rd is now open all year.

Gotta love the Bartlett PD, thank you for the laugh!

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So the explanation about the joke post is longer than the attempt at actually answering the question?

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